Recruitment support as a flexible monthly service

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Why choose Listid Recruiters?

We offer recruitment support as a monthly service to help small-to-medium size business
reach their recruitment needs every month.

Monthly Pricing

Are you spending too much on agency fees?
On-going recruitment support as a monthly subscription is the answer you’ve been looking for to make your budget go further & protect your bottomline.


Do you experience erratic hiring patterns?
No problem, you can pause your monthly service when hiring slows down and reactivate your subscription when hiring becomes a priority again with 1 months notice.


Not sure how much support you will need?
No worries, with Listid Recruiters you can scale your service and upgrade or downgrade to match your exact needs at the time.


How important is it for you to be kept informed and always in the know?
With Listid Recruiters you are always kept informed with a complete view of the sourcing, screening and interviewing process by giving you access to our Recruitment pipeline using Listid Kanboard .


To find a package that suits your business, simply chat to one of our Recruiters.

Job Board

Free Job board and Application Manager that simplifies your Hiring process


  • Dashboard Overview
  • Post Jobs
  • Manage job posts
  • Manage Applications
  • One click Approve / Reject
  • Download CV's
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Get support with the entire hiring process from initial job brief to offer.

From R5,000 /month

  • 1 Full-Time Recruiter
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Interview support
  • Online Candidate Profiles
  • On-site support
  • Access to pipeline
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get a dedicated recruiter?

    Yes, a dedicated recruiter will be assigned to you. This is your on-call recruiter and they are there to support with any hiring needs you have at the time. Your dedicated recruiter is your remote support and ensures that you always have a quality pipeline of top talent.

  • Simply log on to to your customised dashboard and post a job. Your dedicated recruiter will receive the notification and make contact with you to discuss your exact needs, timelines and preferred process in more detail.

  • Pricing is determined by what service you need help with as well as how much support you require in any given month. You are able to upgrade and downgrade your service at anytime dependent on your exact needs.

  • Contracts are either 6, 12 or 24 months. Dont panic! With Listid you are able to pause your contract & upgrade or downgrade at any time.

  • Your dedicated recruiter will send you online candidate profiles and you can view, approve or reject candidates from your customised dashboard.

  • Very, very fast. Our Database of job seekers that register and apply for jobs daily through our free job board, allows us to constantly be working on our pre approved network so that you always have access to quality candidates.

  • With your customized dashboard you are given a 360 degree view of the recruitment process for the positions we will be assisting you with. This means you are always kept in the loop with how many views your job post received , how many applications have come through, at what stage of the approval process each applicant is and so much more. This take the guess work out of knowing what outsourced recruiters are doing and how far they are from filling your positions. So when someone asks you how far a position is from being filed, you don’t need to make a phone call or send a mail, hoping for a quick response. All you need to do is log on to you dashboard and you will have all the answers you are looking for immediately.


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